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Scoala de limbi straine
Acreditata de CNFPA - Consiliul National de Formare Profesionala al Adultilor
Cursuri limba engleza/franceza/germana/romana/italiana/spaniola/rusa/chineza/ceha/slovaca
Centru traduceri si interpretariat
engleza, germana, franceza, italiana, spaniola, maghiara, rusa, bulgara, chineza, ceha, slovaca
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One of the few schools in Romania accredited to organise TOEIC tests!

Global English is accredited by IIE (Institute of International Education)

Target audience Corporate Students / corporate Students / migration applicants
Used for 1. Testing new employees/ prospective employees

2. Testing personnel for career purposes

3. Personnel development policy
Organizations Migration purposes, continuing studies abroad
Validity Non-limited 2 years 2 years
Abilities tested Listening, Reading Listening, Reading, Speaking, Writing, Grammar Listening, Reading, Speaking, Writing
Testing schedule Once a month, on request Once at three months Once a month
Acknowledged by 1. Countries: Worldwide: Japan, Mexic, Indonezia, Elvetia- Swiss, Franta- France, Romania, etc..

2. Companies: Renault
1. Countries: Europe 1. Countries: Australia, Canada

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